Thursday, April 09, 2009

More Good Economic News

It looks like I'm on track for my prediction of recovery. In fact, even gloomy old CNN had an article that said recovery could be on the horizon. (It's to be expected since most media outlets lean to the left and want Barack Obama to succeed.)

I still remain unconvinced that the President has taken any actions that will have stimulated growth in the economy in such a short term, but it's a fuzzy line. Either way, we have new economic reports out:

Wells Fargo earnings surprise sends market higher (Still a negative spin, but as far as I can tell, Wells Fargo received taxpayer money only under the ill-advised Bush administration bailout)

New jobless claims fall more than expected to 654K

Trade deficit falls for 7th straight month in Feb

You know what? I have a sure fire way to get this economy turned around. Spread the word everywhere that the economy is going to rebound. Use the good news I've been posting. When someone talks about the economy being bad, say flippantly and with confidence that it will recover. If you can talk an economy down, you can jolly well talk it up. Try it in your own small way and see what happens. A ripple effect in the consumer confidence level just could result.

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