Thursday, December 10, 2009

When Men Were Men

What's with men nowadays?

I've often asked myself that. And there's a plethora of paths to explore on the subject -- even just to arrive at the conclusion that something's wrong!

What I mean is this. The feminist "equality" demand outsmarted its own goals. In the eagerness to stick it to the Men by proving "anything you can do I can do better," women insisted men stop being men in order to let the ladies have a go at it.

Paradoxically, the feminist movement praised and pummeled men. It (they) insisted that men were pigs and dogs and blowhards. Then it (they) insisted that women can do the same thing, only better. Huh?

I'm not for one second suggesting support for unequal wages, discrimination, or removal of suffrage. I'm pointing out that feminism subverted the original design for men and women that was instituted in the Bible. But whether you like it or not, you have to decide what you're going to do with those verses where God declares man the head of the household. (Inevitably, there will be disagreements between two separate-but-equal partners in a marriage...somebody's got to make the final decision.) It has nothing to do with reducing a woman to irrelevance.
After all, in a perfect paradise, God looked down, frowned, said "Something's missing" and completed perfection by creating woman.

My friend Scott Ott passed along this Dockers "man-infesto" that got me thinking about this:

It was pretty rocking awesome when I saw it. And it got me thinking fondly of an era that maybe never truly was, but of which even the ideal is fading. Chivalry, manners, being a gentleman to a lady.

When walking down the street with a lady, who remembers what is the proper thing for a gentleman to do? Whatever happened to removing your hat in a lady's presence, or standing up when a lady entered or left the room?

For that matter, what happened to men wearing hats? Watch any given black and white movie, it was once standard for a man to wear a dress hat. Now, you can't even find hats like that in the stores. Used to, you couldn't get away with wearing blue jeans in church. Now, it's par for the course.

Society changes and life goes on, this I know. But I find myself (as ever) wanting to go against the tide and return to the era not only of being courtly and mannerly to ladies, nor simply wearing certain antiquated clothing accessories, but returning to an even older code of true and genuine chivalry, of respect and maybe even a little reverence for womanhood.



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