Thursday, September 10, 2009

Do Not Ever - Not Ever! - Forget.

Eight years ago, devourers took possession of American ingenuity and, like dead viruses that hijack living cells, used them as the instruments of hell.

They robbed the world of life, of peace and of safety.

The left a hole not just in buildings, but in our souls. Do you remember?

The flames of their hatred and malice were turned to flames that consumed our fellow Americans, and indelibly scarred our beloved homeland.

They inflicted on us and on our country the terror and torment they chose to live under for generations.

They forced the country's leaders into impossible choices between protection and liberty.

They injected the abhorrent poison of fear, strife and war into every free-born man, woman and child.

They forced the bloodshed of the bravest men and women the world has ever seen. They tore fathers and mothers away from their children...many would not return. They thrust the knife of loneliness, heartache and separation into their hearts.

Did they fully understand what they did? Maybe not. It took long even for us to understand fully what they did. For a time, Americans could only hold each other and pray for the nightmare to end.

As with old foes that ally against a common enemy, the terror and fear united us...for a time. But partisanship did not take long to reemerge. Even today, September 11, 2001 is exploited on every side for political gain. Spectres and parasites who would before have been in danger to voice their loathsome hate and glee in the face of tragedy eventually began working their toxic division on the people.

Every life changed that day has a story to tell that could bring tears...and no life was left unchanged. Our time line of history was sliced that day...our world would never be the same. Tragedy removes the walls we build around ourselves, the barriers that cause us to focus too often on all that is insignificant in life. 9/11 was a rude awakening but it was an awakening.

But we built our walls back up. So many of us have returned to apathy and slumber. We've seen the ribbons, heard the songs, read "Freedom Isn't Free" so often, and argued about the vices and virtues of war for so long hat many of us have gone back to sleep. Most of us have forgotten what we're fighting for.

I would never wish on you to live or re-live the horror of that day. But we cannot wait for another attack to wake us up again. So I'm asking you to return to that day. Go back. Remember. Go to YouTube and watch the videos. Tell the children who were too young to remember what happened. Pray for our country. Go find a soldier and thank them.

We can't ever forget that freedom truly isn't free...and how much it costs. We must never forget.

Never. Forget.



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