Thursday, July 09, 2009

Two Outcomes (When Wolves Invade)

If there's one thing that comes close to the sheer terror of being victimized, it's observing someone else being victimized.

I was reminded of this again today when, after uploading my latest armed citizen video, and decided to search YouTube for other armed citizen videos. It turns out mine dominate the search list (and even score well on Google if you search "armed citizen"!) and have even been compiled into playlists by other YouTubers. One of the videos (911 Caller Without Gun in Home Invasion) was of a woman who was NOT an armed citizen, and only by the grace of God did she live to regret it.

Having injured herself in a car accident, and with her husband away, this woman was incapacitated when an intruder began beating on her door. She quickly dials 911, and in the time it takes police to rush to her aid (a mere five minutes), a drunken intruder forced the door, located her and began to rape her. Police were finally able to make it to the scene, and it took five deputies to secure him.

The fear and panic seeped through the speakers when hearing this. Every sheepdog instinct, every fibre in my being, wanted to be there, to protect the woman and pulverize the criminal who dared to assault her. But just as I could not be there, the police could not either, not for five minutes. As it happens, five minutes can be the rest of your life in a violent situation.

Contrast this to the video I made (Armed Citizens: Calling 911 Doesn't Always Work - turns out it's been duplicated by several viewers!), which contains the same terror, panic and fear, but also the will to survive. Rather than waiting for the police, the terrified woman was able to use a gun to neutralize the attacker.

When I see these videos...when I see the horrible things that can and do happen, and the need to protect and preserve innocent life, it is incomprehensible to me that there are those that still advocate disarming the Citizen.



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