Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Corps-à-corps of Hypocrisy

Oh dear, another scandal is rocking the front pages.

Or rather, was, until Michael Jackson died. You know, I think Mark Sanford might have had a hand in that...

This time, yet another politician got caught with his pants down, South Carolina's Governor Sanford. And this latest sets into motion a time-honored string of actions in the political sphere, the inevitable clash of party values.

Republicans/conservatives (in general) smack their foreheads at the flagrant and incompetent dealings of one of their own, and then retort that if he were a Democrat, he would be propped up, supported and even venerated by many on the left who continue to support philandering heroes such as Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson, John Edwards and Barney Frank.

They are also upset that Democrats suddenly seem to care...a good portion of liberal philosophy is based on moral relativism, looser moral standards and greater tolerance of loose sexual behavior. Yet, when they smell scandal in the air, they suddenly sprout massive "moral" implants and become deeply troubled by a candidate's conduct and question his capacity to continue to serve.

Like most implants, these morals may look good on the surface, but are strikingly and absurdly fake.

Democrats, meanwhile, are busy accusing Republicans -- the party of family values and standards -- of hypocrisy because of the many Republicans who have been caught cheating.

"We thought you were the party of values!" the proverbial Democrat Donkey jeers.

"We thought you didn't care about their private lives!" the Republican Elephant shoots back.

"We thought you DID!" the Donkey returns.

And so it goes.

But Republicans take their own to task more than the Democrats do, that much is certain. While Newt Gingrich, John Ensign, Larry Craig and Mark Foley have all been collectively spanked by their party and sent to bed without supper, the Clintons, Jacksons and Kennedies of the world continue to rock on with full support from their party.

In the end, both parties live up to their standards.

But what to do when one party has a whimsical affair with values for the sole purpose of beating the other party over the head with them? The question remains...who is the real hypocrite?

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