Saturday, February 28, 2009

Urinal-otta Trouble, Mister!

One of the first rules of male restroom etiquette is, do not talk to each other in the bathroom. This holds true even if an elderly man suddenly clutches his chest and collapses at the blow dryer.

There are, however, a few "mavericks" that were never taught this rule. I chalk this up to the decaying state of fatherhood in our country.

Here are a few excerpts of "urinal chat" I have personally experienced that I swear I am not making up:

"Time to empty this pot and a half of coffee I had this morning!"

"Sometimes, a fellow just has to take a whiz, don't he?"

(In a relieved manner) "Whoof, heh heh."

Now tell me folks, what is a guy supposed to do?

New special church edition update:

"If the pastor had gone on much longer, I'd have been sitting in a wet seat."



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