Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Irish Armed Citizens

From the Kilkenny People: Burglar greeted with pensioner's shotgun
AN attempted robbery at a house on Broguemakers' Hill, Kilkenny City at 4.30am on Christmas morning was foiled by the sprightly 68-year-old home owner. The quick-thinking resident awoke to the sound of a ladder being placed against the back wall of his home.
Slipping out of bed, he grabbed his legally-held shotgun and tip-toed downstairs in his bare feet, dressed only in a pyjamas. He silently opened the back door and found the burglar wearing a balaclava standing on the ladder.

Using rough language in an attempt to impress the intruder, the old-age pensioner pointed the gun and told the intruder to get down and f... off or he would have his head blown off.

The burglar, whose speech was slurred due to drink or drugs, held his hands in front of him and said “take it easy with that gun, I’m only looking for a few dollars”.

He was put off the property at gunpoint and the gardai were contacted.

Yeah. Looks like they got 'em in Ireland too.



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