Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Soundtrack Geekdom Pt. 2 - More Soundtrack Additions

I wrote before about how the music program Ruckus has been giving me the freedom to explore and preview more and more selections of music. In my desire to enhance my understanding, appreciation and recognition of individual composers and their styles, I've been downloading and previewing past soundtracks from several of the artists I've mentioned before. Here's a rundown of some of the latest acquisitions:

  • Amazing Grace (David Arnold)
  • Independence Day (David Arnold)
  • A Dark Knight (James Newton Howard & Hans Zimmer)
  • Hulk (Danny Elfman)
  • Star Trek (Jerry Goldsmith & Dennis McCarthy)
  • Eastern Promises (Howard Shore)
  • The Last Mimzy (Howard Shore)
  • A History of Violence (Howard Shore)
  • Titanic (James Horner)
  • Braveheart (James Horner)
  • Apollo 13 (James Horner)
  • We Were Soldiers (Nick Glennie-Smith)
  • Bug (Brian Tyler)
  • Gladiator (Lisa Gerrard & Hans Zimmer)
  • Hidalgo (James Newton Howard)

I've learned a few new things about the artists:

I've learned that David Arnold will have to step things up a notch for Voyage of the Dawn Treader, but I have confidence that he can.

I learned that Howard Shore can somehow simultaneously craft new and unique tracks for movies, and yet still retain a very Lord of the Rings-esque sound to his work.

I decided that James Horner favors slower compositions that really make you feel a moment rather than push and pull you on an orchestral roller coaster.

I learned that no matter how well Brian Tyler scored Children of Dune, he couldn't rescue a movie like Bug.

And I learned that once again, Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard are in a class all their own.

So there you have it, I'm well on the way from being a soundtrack conessouir to being a soundtrack analyst. Let me know if you need soundtrack consultancy!

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