Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Philosphy of Bumper Stickers: Power to the Peaceful

I spied another "peace at any cost" bumper sticker the other day. And I'll not deny that bumper stickers, right or wrong, are often pithy and creative slogans - I just can't help but pick apart the silly premise or flimsy logic behind it.

This latest was "Power to the Peaceful."

I suppose it depends on how you interpret what it says. I interpret it to be "take power away from the war-mongers and give it to those who want peace." The only problem is that power isn't (shouldn't be) dormant. It is something to be wielded, ideally for good. Unfortunately, in the pursuit of peace, good must often wield that power through acts of confrontation. Giving power to pacifists is like giving money to self-reliant hermits...they can't and won't use it for anything constructive.

Contrast this slogan with the t-shirt I saw at an IDPA competitive shooting match today, a rephrasing of Patrick Henry's famous "liberty or death" quote:

"I'd rather be dead on my feet than alive on my knees."


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