Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Progress for YouTube: Fan Videos and Copyrights

This is a montage I put together to welcome spring, set to the music of one of my favorite groups, Secret Garden. Their ambient instrumentals, and uplifting or poignant songs are of a quality I did not think existed before. I ordered one of their albums from Amazon.com's MP3 service without even previewing the tracks, so high was my confidence that the CD would be more of the same.

Curiously, I got an e-mail from YouTube following the posting of the video:
This is to notify you that your video Serenade to Spring has been identified as containing content that may be owned by someone else. The material identified in your video, the person claiming ownership of the material, and the policy they have designated for its use on YouTube are detailed below.

Copyright Holder: UMG
Policy: Allow
Countries: Everywhere

If the policy listed is "Allow," you do not need to take action. However, if the policy listed is "Block," please visit the Video ID Matches page in your account. Failure to take action may result in the removal of your video from YouTube.
It looks as if certain musical labels are taking the extra step of submitting music identifiers (wave length analysis, I expect) to detect their own audio, and still further to allow fan videos to be posted with that audio. Let the record show that I have purchased at least three or four tracks after hearing the music from a YouTube fan video, so I think it is almost always to the benefit of a music label to allow its music to be posted. You certainly can't make high-quality recordings of a YouTube video for personal use anyway.



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