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Media Appearance: Gary Baumgarten 3/19/08 (SCCC)

Guns On Campus Advocate Addresses Concerns

On Wednesday, March 19th, I was the guest of a live internet talk show on a streaming server known as Paltalk, hosted by Gary Baumgarten. According to his website, Gary was director of news and programming from CNN where he was the radio bureau chief and correspondent in New York for a decade, where he covered, among other things, the 9/11 attacks in New York and Hurricane Katrina.

The format was interesting. The host is on a webcam of sorts, and he chats with people in a virtual audience, and sometimes takes their questions and poses them to me. As well, he can talk to some of the members of the audience, as we did when we took some calls.

The questions were typical. It was astounding how many times I had to reiterate that we already carry elsewhere in the state. These listeners kept freaking out at the concept of "giving kids guns." They're not kids, and no one is given a gun. We carry elsewhere in our respective states, and dare to suggest that letting us carry on campus opens up the opportunities to defend ourselves and others.

At times, I can be my own worst critic, but when representing a cause before so many listening ears, one cannot be too careful. Still, when I re-listened to it, I was happy to hear that some of the times I thought I performed poorly did not sound as bad.

**Edit 3/24/08**
Gary writes (see comment) to clarify that he was New York bureau chief and correspondent at CNN Radio for 10 years, not director of news and programming.



At March 24, 2008 at 5:49:00 AM PDT, Blogger Gary Baumgarten said...

Just a quick clarification for the record.

I was New York bureau chief and correspondent at CNN Radio for 10 years, not director of news and programming.

I am now director of news and programming at Paltalk.

Dave, I know it may have been frustrating to have to answer the same questions that were repeatedly asked in numerous ways during the show, but I thought you did a great job representing your point of view.


Gary Baumgarten
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