Sunday, March 16, 2008

But Seriously, Folks... - Bulletproof Backpacks

Well! It's certainly nice to see someone taking the issue of safety seriously, although some will no doubt balk at the idea of wearing bulletproof equipment to schools.

As one of the campus coordinators and media liaisons for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, I was sent a discount code and promotional information about this company, although I recall hearing about them some time in the past.

I'm certainly not in any hurry to rush out and purchase one of these backpacks. I know that the likelihood of being able to dodge a bullet with one of them is very low, and that they will only help preserve my life for a few minutes, either so I can flee or so another bullet can cut me down by striking outside of the minimal protection zone offered by a backpack. (The thick textbooks inside would probably do the trick anyway.)

But instead of giving me a chance to avoid being shot, how about giving me a chance to take a shot back at the would-be killer, and prevent other students (the ones who weren't fortunate enough to know about or afford the $100+ backpacks) from being shot?

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