Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thompson's Train Wreck

‘A Lackluster Candidate’ - Newsweek's rapid post-mortem analysis of Fred Thompson's failure to ascend.

The sad fact is that Fred Thompson's biggest ally was ignorance and a large degree of uninformed political crushes. I wrote of my own doubts about the man before he even declared his candidacy. When he finally did, it was with relative obscurity, and soon after, he fell into irrelevancy, with only rumors and hopes still keeping his candidacy alive. He never acted like a candidate who wanted the job, and his playful excuses about not being obsessed with the office or with electioneering didn't cut it. He never made headway in his campaign because he did not run.

Now he has wasted the time and money of many well-intentioned Republicans, and lowered morale by disheartening ardent followers and hopeful-but-hesitant supporters.

People thought he was going to be the next Reagan. I've been pointing out that, Hollywood experience aside, he was behaving more like Dole. This article shows I got something right, he actually consulted Dole.

For anyone wondering who I'm interested in voting for, guess what? There isn't anyone. McCain is not a conservative, I don't care what he says now. Rudy is out for the same reasons among others. Everyone seems to like Huckabee, though how anyone can court the homeschoolers and the National Education Association at the same time is beyond me. Plus, Huckabee's affiliation with a certain leader by the name of Bill Gothard is very concerning. My guess is that Romney will pull into the lead - besides being Mormon, there are few legitimate objections against the man as a conservative.

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