Monday, December 10, 2007

They LAUGH....

How to shoot a robber from the comfort of bed
Americans worried about late-night intruders can now reach for their weapon without leaving bed.

A company in the US is has started selling gun racks specifically designed to fit onto a double mattress.

Made from polymer plastic, the $45 rack claims to be the ultimate in home protection.

The "Back-Up" is designed to hold a shotgun, though is can be adjusted to fit other smaller weapons. Once installed, the weapon sits unobtrusively under a doona cover.

"It tends to be for people who don't have immediate access to a police service," said CEO John Peters.
For many, this item is actually a joke. It makes the rounds of morning radio shows, and humorist Dave Barry's gift-giving guide, but few see practical use any more than they would see in a golf-club warmer. Yet while they laugh and go about their lives, armed and would-be armed citizens are taking note.

Granted, a citizen might just as easily keep the firearm on their nightstand, or in a drawer, so this specific item may not be revolutionary. But the fact that people are chuckling over the concept of decreasing the reach between a citizen and his or her gun is worth noting.



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