Sunday, November 04, 2007

What's Dave Caught Now?

Recently on one of my YouTube videos, I picked up a debate with a fellow using the name "Ryansarcade9" after he contacted me and made some arguments against creationism and/or Answers in Genesis. I received about 32 private messages from him, most of them in response to mine. As usual with computers, I quickly found the bulk message and/or multitasking limits! YouTube informed me that my responses were too big, forcing me to truncate them. (This is typical for me...I may be one of the few PC users in America who, before the advent of Firefox "tabs", saw a scroll command on the task bar.)

Ryan contacted me again on October 8 in passing, just to let me know someone had sent him a link about me on Free Republic. Like one kid shoving another, all it took was that contact to set us off debating again. After some hostile words, there was a temporary truce, and Ryan proposed a semi-formal debate. I offered that we hold it on Free Republic, where there was sure to be intense interest.

So it began. Ten days later on October 18th, after e-mailing back and forth and coming to some rule agreements, I posted A Study in Science - Formal Debate on Creation and Evolution with Dave and Ryan.

It began rather innocently, but soon the tide of participants and spectators mixed, and the thread ballooned into another crevo bloodfest, with nearly 1000 back-and-forth posts, of which Ryan's and mine comprised about six. So a thoughtful evolutionist created a secondary thread, The Debate Continues where Ryan and I could continue.

Naturally, my fan base at DarwinCentral went wild. Someone breathlessly started up a commentary/coverage thread which entailed primarily the usual jeers and insults which didn't relate to the debate itself whatsoever, and merely revealed the personal vindictiveness of the members there against me. (The thread has since been removed - Google maintains a cache where you can see the thread reached about 44 pages of responses in a few weeks.)

Then, I had an awesome but unforeseen project drop into my lap with the Empty Holster Protest, which I found out about mere days prior to the event taking place. I saw no one taking charge on my campus, so I contacted the group, received the proverbial badge (self-adhesive!) and set about a media blitz. The result, more than a dozen last-minute recruits, a campus-wide notice from the college president, a poster campaign (posters I made one afternoon at school, widely distributed across campus by me and a couple of other volunteers), four local radio appearances, other local news mentions, a newspaper interview, and then a letter submitted to the campus paper after they came out against our project.

Naturally (alas!) this project threw me into a busy position of leadership and monopolized on time, forcing me to put the evolution debate on a back burner for a week. This infuriated the peanut-gallery evolutionists, who insisted I was stalling, delaying or vacating. Despite their continued accusations that I'm a little turdloaf momma's boy creationist wanna-be (more or less their own words), when some of my first posts cleared the board, some of them begin wondering if I wasn't receiving outside assistance, or even a ghost writer, in my responses. Dedicated (and pitiable) evolutionists spent their (valuable?) time googling different portions of my post, trying to find my "secret source" with which they would stampede into town with and Swiftboat me into despair and humiliation forever. Sadly, because the material was all original, no such "secret source" could be found.

It is telling that this simpering little momma's boy apologist can craft a response sophisticated enough as to give them cause to question its origin.

Once I finally responded (having taken great pains to use scientific and peer-reviewed sources to back up my work, and then throwing in some creationist URLs under a "see also" heading) it was disappointing to be told I was using "almost all" creationist sources. The rest of the response consisted primarily of hand-waving dismissals of the legitimate challenges raised. Further refutation of those dismissals may follow at some point.

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