Friday, November 30, 2007

Note to Burglars: Bring Feet, Avoid Cat Box

In searching the headlines for armed citizen stories, one often finds all manner of other crime stories. Some of them are tragic, while some of them, like the following, make for a good laugh:

Police search for man who robbed a woman at gunpoint in Pulaski

Police say an unidentified man knocked on a door on 15th Street in Northwest Pulaski. When the homeowner opened the door, a man took a shotgun from under his coat and demanded money.

He took an undisclosed amount of money and
ran away on foot.

What else would you run away on?

Cat box filler leads police to burglar
A would-be burglar was busted Saturday afternoon after police matched clods of cat box filler stuck to the man's shoe and pants cuffs to the cat box filler used at a home the man allegedly had broken into, according to police.

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