Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Island Paradise to Host Next Creation Museum?

U.S. Group Wants To Build 'Creationist Museum' On Saipan
A U.S.-based Christian ministry group wants to build a museum promoting a creationist museum on Saipan, and it has the backing of Northern Marianas Gov. Benigno Fitial, the Saipan Tribune reports.

Answers in Genesis Group President Ken Ham met with Fitial to discuss the project. Answers in Genesis built a $27 million Creation Museum in Kentucky, which opened in May. It wants to develop a similar facility on Saipan, which it says will be a major tourist attraction.

"Religion, education, and commerce and tourism — these are the elements that the AiG Group proposes to bring to the CNMI by establishing a base of operations here,” administration spokesman Charles P. Reyes, Jr. told the newspaper.

Dr. Christian Wei, who heads the Eucon International School on Saipan, a private Christian academy, says the museum would also include a camp that could attract Asians who want to learn English on Saipan.
I'm not sure what the logic is on this...

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