Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The End of All Things (Rescored)

I'm spoiling myself with super-quick video projects, but I had a lot of fun throwing this clip together. Having just recently discovered the British sci-fi equivalent of Star Trek, Doctor Who, I've enjoyed and catching up on the episodes from 2005. Happily, the show's composer recognized that a lot of his music was too good to go to waste just in the show, and so put out the soundtrack. The music I used for this particular video came from a scene I cannot describe without spoiling plot details, and which I myself would not have seen but for YouTube.

When I heard this track (as when I hear most any orchestral musical themes), I ran over matching scenes from past movies I've seen, or other cinematic scenarios that are put into my mind by the music. When I heard this track, I thought of the climax of Return of the King, which of course already had its own spectacular musical score. It didn't take long to find a satisfactory version of the sequence on YouTube, and from there it was simply a matter of downloading the clip, converting it from .flv to .mov, importing it to Windows Movie Maker, and cutting out some of the talking and orchestrating it according to the music.

I'm rather pleased with how it turned out.

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