Thursday, September 06, 2007

Chronicles of Narnia Custom Preview

It took me several weeks to get this right. I experimented with a few different ideas, including the "speed up" effect (originally intended to speed up the shot where General Otmin crests the hill and signals the rest of the gruesome army, which got too messy to cut, and then the pan-up shot of the White Witch from Edmund's point of view when he first meets her) but it made the video go haywire, and it refused to convert to WMV format. I would have liked some more time to include shots of Susan and Lucy, but I was working within the constraints of the music timing.

The music is also a little more tinny than I would have liked, but it sounds way better on Windows Movie Maker. I think the program has difficulty with layered sound, even though I set it to take audio only from the audio overlay, and muted the other clips.

One thing's for sure, I have a greater appreciation for the people responsible to make official teasers, previews and trailers!

Incidentally, "Tribute" by Armen Hambar is one of the best movie trailer pieces I've ever heard - and I've heard many.

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