Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ain't Nothing Funny When A Soldier Cries

The other day on the Dr. Laura show, I heard the latter half of a man who called in to the Dr. Laura show seeking advice about how to act with his father, who was dying of some terminal disease, and who did not accept his son for who he was as a member of the armed forces. Dr. Laura sadly advised him that, while the father managed to have a good son, he was unwilling to accept his son, and the son would have to live with that - and that he would die unhappy and alone.

This truth obviously impacted the man, and before he hung up, he came close to tears as he implored the listener not to believe what the media reports, because "I'm doing good things over there. I mean, I'm teaching little kids how to play baseball" and his voice began to crack. Dr. Laura calmly advised him that she and every other intelligent, patriotic American knew and believed this. (In my opinion, she should have affirmed this fact even more fiercely than she did. I would have, forcefully, angrily, severely insisting that the jerks who dare suggest otherwise are idiots at best, traitors at worst.)

I rarely hear anything on the radio that moves me to tears, but his heartfelt plea cut me to the quick; it reminded me of the line from the John Michael Montgomery song "Letters From Home":

"There ain't nothing funny when a soldier cries."


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