Sunday, August 05, 2007

In Which Dave Waxes Poetic About the Passage of Time

Having just completed another round of finals, I was brought back again to the feeling of achievement and completion. I felt the same way shortly after completing the spring semester of classes, which included several more difficult courses such as calculus, accounting and statistics.

I noticed that I was so mired in the stress and worry of getting projects done on time, being well-studied for the tests, and performing well on homework, quizzes and other assignments, that when I actually came to the end, it was almost an unexpected pleasure. When your head is bowed under the strain and stress of work, concentrating only on taking the next step, you lose track of your progress, and if your eye isn't on the finish line, you can almost forget that there IS one until you cross it.

I think this can be a good thing. It's like getting so caught up in your work that you are surprised to learn it is 5:00 and the work day is over.

It occurred to me that there will probably be a similar feeling, magnified a thousandfold, when we arrive at Heaven's gate.

Think about it. Our life and struggles on this earth are all we've ever known. Heaven has remained a relatively dim hope, even for believers. Christians have a working knowledge that the Lord has rewards in store for those who serve Him, but that is far distant, so most of us maintain a focus of getting through our daily struggles.

When each of us finally meets our end and passes from the earth, I feel sure that those of us who are secure in a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ will suddenly have a weight lifted from our shoulders, a weight we had almost grown accustomed to, and we will be pleasantly surprised at how light we become.



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