Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fun With Fundies?

Far be it from me to be sacreligious, but I'm one for self-deprecating humor, and let's face it, within the borders of religious figures (not necessarily true believers), there is a lot of hilarity. I'm not opposed to laughing when certain televangelists take someone's money before zapping them with a hidden cattle prod -- I'm sorry, I mean, a holy spirit machine gun -- and knocking them backwards. I don't worry about sneering when other televangelists extend their hands towards the television camera and shout "Monaaay, come-uh to ME! NOW!" (It happened, I swear.)

And I'm not opposed to shaking my head as individuals with crazy hair bawl their eyes out over the silliest things.

In some cases, this stuff is too serious to laugh at. But it's comical how serious some figures take themselves when they try to imitate the world.

I don't mind having some of my own fun with some of them. Recently, a major Christian rock music festival was held near my house. The site is more than a mile away as the hawk flies, but we can still hear their music. Inside our home. With the television on.

The concert attracts all kinds of "big" names in the CCM (contemporary Christian music) world, such as Rebecca St. James, Michael W. Smith, Switchfoot, Newsboyz, Jars of Clay, and so forth.

The concert(s) used to be held earlier in the year, but somehow, that darn weather kept doing strange things for that weekend. Once, it stormed heavily, and the grounds had to be evacuated. Several times, it rained heavily, and people got their trailers and RVs stuck in the mud. Another time, as if to cap off the absurdity, it snowed.

The mischief comes into play because local two-way radio channels in our area start hopping like crazy. We sometimes use two-way radios for communication, so we charge them up and listen in on the conversations. Sometimes, we meddle in them for fun.

One year, I jumped on a channel and said "Can you see me?" "Where?" inquired the person on the other end. "I'm up here on the water tower!" I cheerfully replied. "See me waving?"

This year, I played the backwoods hick. "Have you tried the coon tails?" I said in a toothy redneck voice, referring to the nearby market. "Go up thar and ask to try some," I grunted. On several occasions, I popped on and just said "Where're ya'll at?" intentionally using "where" and "at" in the same sentence. (Fitting in with the other bad grammar.)

Once, I asked when Toby Keith was playing. "You mean Toby Mac?" someone quizzed. "Naw, man, I heard Toby Keith was gonna make an appearance here or somethin'." Someone responded that they thought I had the wrong concert, but I may have had a rumor started.

Another time, I said I was signing autographs by the porta-johns, and invited attendees to come on out. "Who are you?" asked someone. I told them they would have to come to find out.

The funniest part is, I related this anecdote to someone working at the local market, her eyes widened for a second and she asked who I was. "Nobody!" I replied, grinning. "That's what makes it so funny."

If you still need convincing that there are some things in Christendom too funny to take seriously, take a look at these very serious "Christian" items.



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