Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lucifer: The Movie?

I was directed towards the website for the upcoming film project by my sister. I vaguely recalled hearing something about a movie relating to the origins of Satan, but it had been some time. Upon visiting the website, I was surprised by the quality, not only of the site but of the project, even though it is in its early stages.

A spectacular choral arrangement introduces us to a far-off view of what appears to be an island in the sky, a lush paradise of waterfalls, clouds and forests. There are various options upon visiting, including a behind-the-scenes "preview" explaining the film's premise, and promising that it will be a trilogy. (!)

There is a short teaser available on the website, showing a brief combat between Michael, the as-yet unfallen Lucifer and some hideous five-headed beast. It is not immediately clear what an evil beast is doing in existence since evil is thought to have had its birth in the heart of the devil. Nonetheless, the vision for the angels is much different from previous conceptions. Different...and far more accurate. While many interpretations of angels show them to be meek, serene beings or cutesy tots with adorable eyes, the angels in this project appear as mighty warriors. Granted, they have a somewhat "human" vision about them (and also the appearance of some Final Fantasy creations, but I surmise this only from seeing video game box covers and online advertisements) but that's to be expected.

Rumor has it that the film has the attention of New Zealand special effects company Weta Workshop, which gained much notoriety for their work on Lord of the Rings. The director reportedly wishes to shoot some locations in New Zealand, although obviously heaven will not be able to be replicated on earth.

With word that Walden Media is adapting C.S. Lewis's The Screwtape Letters, it sounds as if classic adaptations are no longer limited to the terrestrial.



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