Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fantasies of Fred?

Fred Thompson has captured a lot of attention recently. Being a former senator and an actor, this might be easily understood, except that most of the attention swirls around ubiquitous rumors of a run for the White House in 2008.

Thompson has been traveling the nation and giving speeches, but has fallen short of making an official announcement for his candidacy. One begins to wonder what he's waiting for. The "opportune moment," no doubt, but what, in his opinion, is the opportune moment?

I’m sure he’ll declare his candidacy soon. For me, there’s a bigger question in my mind than whether he’s going to run or not.

So far, Fred hasn’t truly done anything. We've heard some fine speeches, but Fred Thompson (the man) isn't making headlines right now. Fred Thompson (the hype) is.

The GOP has a huge crush on Fred. There are high hopes that he could rise to the heights of Ronald Reagan, reuniting the GOP and making it strong again. But what has Fred done to merit these hopes? Most historians or politicians will tell you that the way to be popular is to do nothing. Don’t make waves and everyone will like you. If you take a stand on a controversial issue, that's when you begin to make enemies. Oh, he has enemies, sure. But most of them would have hated his views, were he no more than a conservative grocery store worker.

Fred’s made some statements and positions, and sounds like his heart is in the right place with respect to taxes, immigration and such. But it takes more than fine words to make a presidential candidate, much less a president.

The more he delays, the more I begin to wonder what his motivation for waiting is. He'd better get the show on the road pretty soon, and start showing the country what he's made of.

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