Saturday, June 16, 2007

Yahoo - A Fine How-Do-You-Do For Paying Customers

At the beginning of the year, I signed up for Yahoo! mail premium services, which included no ads, twice the storage space and other bonus features not available for free accounts.

A week or two ago, I heard from my sister that Yahoo! mail was making the jump to unlimited e-mail storage capacity, but wasn't sure I believed it.

Just days ago, I logged in to my account, and immediately notice something strange is going on. My e-mail storage capacity icon (always very low as a rule) had gone from 2% of 2GB storage to 35% of 1GB storage. Then a lit fuse animation appears, blowing the icon to bits and announcing "You now have unlimited storage!"

This is a fine development. I don't anticipate actually needing unlimited e-mail storage, but great. Bigger is better.

One problem. I paid for extra storage space.

I've sent Yahoo! an inquiry to find out what they will do in terms of refunding part of the service bill used towards storage, if even free accounts are getting unlimited space. No word back yet, but we'll see.


Yahoo responded and explained that if I'd like to cancel the paying service, that would be just fine with THEM, and I'd still have the unlimited space. Worded a bit more courteously perhaps, but that's the jist.



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