Saturday, June 09, 2007

True Royalty

On her recent visit to the United States, it happened that the Queen stayed within a few miles of where I live. Although America is far more accustomed to "Let Freedom Ring" than "God Save the Queen," the royal visit excited many hundreds of people who turned out to welcome and hail her majesty's visit. I wasn't one of them, but the visit set me little head to thinking.

When the Queen visited, she spent a lot of time with President Bush. Likewise, in other countries, the Queen visits with the country's leader(s). In diplomatic terms, that's what figures of state do. Important people meet with other important people. That's just the human way of looking at things. And from the perspective of international relations, it makes good sense. But at the same time, this seems to set "unimportant" people at a disadvantage. They look up to, respect and admire "important people."

Whether it's fans turning out by the thousands hoping for a chance to touch a singer's hand as he or she strides about the stage, standing in line for hours to meet-and-greet a dignitary, or shelling out hundreds of dollars for a photo opportunity with someone who won't remember your name in ten minutes, "unimportant" people like to meet with these important people. Even if only for a brief and relatively insignificant moment in time, that kind of meeting becomes a highlight of the day, week or even a life. It becomes a bragging point forever after. (Yes, even I am guilty of that.)

Contrast this to the only true sovereign upon His visit to this earth. The "important" people (the religious leaders) were actually miffed that Jesus did not come to meet with them. (Matthew 9:11-12) The thick-headed disciples continued to think Jesus was here to set up an earthly kingdom, and, while puzzled by Jesus' meeting and healing with "unimportant" people, tried to keep the even less important people (the children) away. (Matthew 19:13-14)

Isn't it great that the only true King of the world spends His time with the unimportant people like you and me?



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