Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Liquid DNA Used to Deter Burglars?

Residents Helped to Make Their Mark

Over the coming weeks Pudsey/ Weetwood Police officers will be visiting residents in the Fairfields, Calverley and Adel areas, offering to mark their belongings and household property with liquid DNA to deter burglars.

Armed with liquid DNA -that has been funded by the local council- officers from the local Neighbourhood Police Teams will quickly be able to apply the solution which is encoded with a unique DNA code, that is then registered to the owner of the valuables.

The solution is virtually impossible to remove and doesn't deteriorate with time. The marking is only visible under ultra-violet light but can be easily found by officers who will be carrying UV torch-lights.

When an item has been stolen, it can easily be traced back to a particular burglary and gives the police valuable evidence in bringing burglars to justice - as well as helping victims to get their belongings back.

As well as visiting local residents to mark belongings, officers will place signs in some of the participating houses and will also be placing signs on the streets, to make it clear to any would be burglar that local residents are protecting their belongings with liquid DNA.

I don't know what to think of a story like this. I admit I'm intrigued; just smear some DNA on something, and forget about needing a serial number on a valued possession? Sounds kind of creepy, yet kind of ingenuous.

I'm trying to dismiss revolting mental images of how cheapskates might improvise on this method.


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