Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lincoln's Body Nearly Kidnapped for Ransom

A Plot to Steal Lincoln's Body - A posthumous kidnapping attempt shaped the Secret Service

On the night Swegles accompanied Mullen and Hughes to Oak Ridge Cemetery, Tyrrell and his agents were lying in wait for them at Lincoln's tomb, witnesses for the comedy of errors that soon began. Although Mullen and Hughes were career criminals, they couldn't pick a lock, so they had to cut through the padlock with a file. Once inside the tomb chamber, they found they could not lift Lincoln's 500-pound cedar-and-lead coffin. The inept grave robbers were considering their options when a detective's pistol accidentally went off outside. Mullen and Hughes bolted, but it wasn't much of a getaway—they headed straight back to their saloon in Chicago where Tyrrell arrested them a couple days later.

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