Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hiccup Girl Runs Away, Is Found

Runaway 'Hiccup Girl' Found Safe in Florida

The 15-year-old girl whose marathon case of hiccups brought her worldwide attention this year ran away from home Monday but was found safe that night, her mother said.

Jennifer Mee's struggles with chronic hiccups — up to 50 times a minute for months — made her an Internet sensation and darling of morning television news shows, which aggressively fought to book the ninth-grader for interviews.

Jennifer Mee was found walking about two miles from her home at 9:30 p.m., about 14 hours after she was reported missing, said her mother, Rachel Robidoux.

"She had been at a friend's house at one point," Robidoux said. "She had also been walking the streets aimlessly, not knowing where to go."

Robidoux said she had not yet discussed with her daughter why she ran away.

"I think she just wants her freedom, and she has to realize there's going to be boundaries at that age," Robidoux said.

I can't imagine the huge pressures that must have been on this girl and the whole family. In addition to suffering from unending hiccups (they're bad enough when they set in for a few short minutes!), she was made a spectacle by media hounds. Hopefully none of that fuss had anything to do with the runaway (the Fox News article mentions a family quarrel over a MySpace account), but let's hope everything -- EVERYTHING -- returns to normal for that family.

Kind of makes you appreciate being normal sometimes.


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