Monday, June 25, 2007

Global Warming Solution: Giant Mirrors?

In the midst of the hand-wringing and insomnia brought on by fears of global warming, some scientific minds have decided to get together and come with some....rather unorthodox solutions.

In Case We Can't Give Up the Cars - Try 16 Trillion Mirrors

Space sunshade might be feasible in global warming emergency

How to Cool a Planet (Maybe)

Going to extremes to fight global warming (The kind of extreme that includes 55,000 mirrors, each as big as Manhatten. Partialy archived version of article here.)

To Cool the Earth, Plan Would Pull a Shade

These kooky ideas seem to vary between one mirror, 55,000 and 16 trillion. As one Freeper quipped, if this plan is successful, it would be an ideal time to buy stock in Windex and Bounty.

First concern: This plan would cost millions of dollars to solve a problem that is primarily natural. Sounds like a waste to me.

Second concern: What happens when we get global cooling?



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