Sunday, June 24, 2007

Creation Museum Receives More Visitors Than Expected

'Museum' beating estimates?

Creation Museum officials expected thousands of visitors to come through their gates during their first month in operation.

But they didn't expect this many people.

Since its opening May 28, 31,711 visitors have come to the $27 million Creation Museum, according to museum officials and its consulting firm, A. Larry Ross Communications of Carrollton, Texas.

The exact number of people who came through the museum on opening day was 4,003, according to Aaron Campbell, who works with the consulting firm.

Mark Looy, vice president for outreach for the Answers in Genesis ministry, previously said the ministry's goal for the year would be "at least 250,000 visitors."

This would allow the museum to break even.

But if it keeps at this pace, the museum could top more than 549,000 visitors during its first year.

Let's just hope Creation Ministries International doesn't sue AiG and cause them to have to shut down prematurely. But from all accounts, AiG is the one to blame.



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