Saturday, June 02, 2007

Argument: Creationism Will Plunge Us Into Dark Ages

It is an argument I've come up against on multiple occasions when debating creation vs. evolution, and is sourced in so many different places that I don't even need to bother linking to them.

The argument is essentially, "If Ken Ham and his creationist cohorts succeed in pushing creationism in our schools, it will be the end of scientific progress. America, and quite possibly the world, will plunge into the depths of another Dark Age." There are various incarnations of the argument, but they all boil down to "creationism will cause a scientific and intellectual famine."

First problem: Answers in Genesis does not support mandatory teaching of creationism or intelligent design in the classroom!

AiG actually opposes mandating that students be taught intelligent design or biblical creation in the classroom. We believe it would be just as counterproductive to force atheist, Darwinist science teachers to teach creation in the classroom as it would be to force Ken Ham to to give lectures praising Darwinism!

Answers in Genesis, What Really Happened in Kansas, August 10, 2006

Answers in Genesis doesn't even oppose teaching evolution!
Answers in Genesis knows of no schools where the teaching of evolution has been banned. Indeed, AiG would not support such a move. We want pupils to be taught about evolution. How else will they be able to analyse it critically?

Second problem: Evolution has been the dominant theory taught in science classes almost without exception for the past 50 years. Yet the state of our school systems and nationwide literacy is spiraling downward.1, 2, 3

A recent patron of the YouTube video on Ken Ham answering questions in the Creation Museum blamed the state of education on creationist nonsense. Curiously, he/she was unable to respond when I inquired how a theory successfully expelled and quarantined outside public schools could still be so powerful as to afflict science literacy in America.

Though it would never occur to them to look at themselves as the problem, it would seem that evolutionists are having trouble persuading students that evolution is true, whether because they have trouble believing it or because they are not doing a good job of broadcasting their information.

Curiously, the statistics show that homeschoolers such as myself excel academically.4 Homeschoolers score higher than average on ACT tests, are becoming a legislative force to be reckoned with, and are being favored more and more by military recruiters and public universities alike.

Most homeschoolers are homeschooled because parents want to give better instruction to their children, and do not want the exposure to public schools to ruin their children.5 Consequently, most homeschoolers are taught creation and evolution, usually with favor given to creation on religious and scientific grounds.

So public-schooled children are taught evolution, and not doing well academically. Homeschooled children excel academically and are usually taught creationism.

Not only is the claim "creationism would doom us to the Dark Ages again" dead wrong, it would seem that statistics suggest the opposite is true!

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