Monday, May 28, 2007

Rebuttal: "Concealed Carry Isn't A Viable Solution"

Concealed Carry Isn't A Viable Solution

Instead of guns we need a better sense of community, a better idea of "We." Before anyone knocks my idea as sissy and cliche, ask yourself when the last time was you went out of your way for a total stranger. It's a lot harder than it sounds. However, on a daily basis most of us get up and go about our day, sustaining our society without a second thought. We need to do more of what we do already and heed Stephen Colbert's words - we are the real heroes, let's not let it go to our heads.

(The following is a response written by me, posted in response to Rhamey Sayed's article in the Ohio State Sentinel)

These incidents, tragic as they are, are used by BOTH sides of the gun control debate to further their causes. Gun control groups were all over the Columbine massacre, insisting that guns (not people) were a large part of the problem. So let's not have any pretense of moral high ground.

The comparison between firearms and Guantanamo "torture" is false and illogical, and your point is not proven merely by likening the two.

Your claim that students cannot be trusted to carry weapons on campus is completely unproven. You have NO examples to back this up. Only your "I don't think we can trust them" attitude. News flash: Alleviating your nerves is not public goal number one. Keeping everyone safe. That's the goal.

If students were going to go crazy with a weapon, why would rules keep them? The Virginia Tech shooter violated various rules regarding firearm possession. The mantra is the same in states where concealed carry legislation is proposed. Advocates argue that there will be Old West style shootouts in intersections over fender-bender accidents. Curiously, these examples never materialize.

You wrote: "allowing guns on campus tacitly accepts that violence is an option to solve campus security problems or possibly prevent another Virginia Tech."

This is correct. If someone had a weapon and shot down the VT shooter, that would have saved two dozen lives. This person was bent on a suicidal massacre, and nothing BUT violence could have prevented that.

I'm not sure what rookie "guards" shoving sausage down an inmate's throat has to do with handgun carry.

I agree, in an ideal world, we would all be helping each other and not have to worry about dark alleys or security cameras or locks on our doors. But this isn't a commercial for Walgreen's. We don't LIVE in that perfect world. Instead, we live in a world where rapes, murders, abductions and violence take place several each per minute. Your response, the cliched "can't we all just get along??" is typical, but not practical. If you think love and tolerance are the solutions, I challenge you to walk down any inner city alley with a sign "I am unarmed, and I love you" and find out the "reactions" you'll get. My guess is, various local thugs will stroll right up to you and help you relieve yourself of any excess "love" you might be carrying.

In response to your actual title (which you never got around to backing up with facts or logic), "concealed carry isn't a viable solution," I submit for your consideration the following website, and ask that you examine several of these stories and ponder whether or not these were "viable solutions."

I do not ask you to examine all of them, simply because I don't think you have enough time. According to government and private statistics, guns are used in self-defense more than they are used in crimes, around 2 million times per year.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to your response.

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