Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fool Jokes

Trying to pull an April Fool joke online is a lot harder, and also cliche. First, there are few readers, especially readers who know what to expect, and who would notice a deviation from the general course of entries.

So here are a few of my suggestions for real-time April Fools Jokes.

Actually Pulled:
- Put a piece of tape on the switch that triggers your refrigerator light. When someone opens the door, they will think the fridge power gave out.

- Take a coat, a pair of pants and some shoes and rig them up to appear like a person is standing in a room or hallway. It worked for me to use a closet door as a support, and to suspend a mask looking like a face (in this case, a Superman face mask that came with a costume) to look like a face. If you aim for detail, take some white tape and cover the open eye holes over, putting marbles inside the eye holes. The effect is quite convincing, and although I set it up, I still did double-takes when entering the hallway, thinking someone was standing there.

- Leave a voice mail message for a friend, co-worker, relation or neighbor when you know they aren't there, disguising your voice (and if necessary, your caller ID) and explain that you are Mr. Lyon (spell it), would you please return my call as soon as possible. Use the number of a zoo. You can try your local zoo, but the zoo in Louisville, Kentucky is confirmed to be able to pull through on this joke. (Their number is (502) 459-2181.) I pulled this prank on my mother, and discovered that the zoo actually had a recording to inform the hapless soul that they'd been had.

- Put Kool-Aid powder (red food coloring, jello mix, etc.) in the hose or faucet of a shower. When the water comes out, it will be red.

- When a computer is not occupied, hit PrintScreen on a computer's desktop. Then take save the print-screened picture, and set the desktop background as the image. For best results, remove all the icons to a folder so that when someone clicks on the icons, they won't work. Also, click the taskbar on the desktop and drag it down so that it is hidden. Alternatlely, right-click on your task bar and put a check mark beside "auto-hide taskbar." This will cause the entire screen to appear like normal, except that no icons will work, and the start menu won't either.

These jokes have been personally tested by me, are relatively harmless, and are lots of fun. It may be too late now, but then again, who would be expecting a prank tomorrow, hm?


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