Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Is Pollution the Solution?

So let's assume global warming is a problem. THE problem, according to some alarmists.

What can we do to fix it? I have a suggestion: POLLUTE TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT.

Burning Fossil Fuels Has A Measurable Cooling Effect On The Climate

Blocking sunshine with aerosol may help avoid global warming

Pollutants ward off global warming, study finds

Less pollution may boost global warming

Scientists: Pollution could combat global warming (Link and summary of original CNN article, which was removed.)

Air trends 'amplifying' warming - Reduced air pollution and increased water evaporation appear to be adding to man-made global warming.

Does cleaner air make hurricanes worse?

Pollution May Slow Warming; Cleaner Air May Speed It, Study Says

Will a Layer of Silt in the Sky Save the Earth?

Dust May Dampen Hurricane Fury

Come on, people. Our air is cleaner than it has been for a decade. Pollute, and do your part to spare the people of New Orleans another hurricane.

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