Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Geico Cavemen Could Get Their Own Show

Geico cavemen could star in TV series

Now depending on how this is handled, this could make for either the ruin of a great TV campaign, or the birth of a great new TV series. I personally love the Geico Cavemen ads. I've been a fan of Geico commercials for years, even before the cavemen series. The talent and ingenuity of the series has slowly picked up a fanbase. The series began with three distinguished and affluent cavemen sitting in a well-furnished apartment. One is playing piano, one working on his laptop, the other watching television. All three are dismayed when they see the advertisement with the slogan "So easy, a caveman could do it."

A second promo featured a caveman on set of a Geico commercial being filmed, offended at the slogan and storming off the set.

The series was going to culminate in the "Apology" video (the origination of the "roast duck with mango salsa" order) but the advertisers brought the series back for more.

You can see a complete rundown on YouTube. (Where else?)

The cavemen also started a website, UpwithCavemen.com, to provide for the empowerment of oppressed cavemen fighting cultural bias and prejudice.

Geico also launched an interactive website where you can visit the Caveman's crib, acting as an early arrival for the caveman's party featured in a later commercial. You can snoop around his house, look at his books (complete with scribbled notes) and magazines, and pester him by blowing the electricity, bothering him in the shower, or flipping on his TV without asking.

The cavemen ads are loads of fun. Let's hope that if a sitcom actually comes out of all this, that it can be clean and funny, and not ruin the original ads.

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