Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Are Plants Killing Our Planet?

In the debate over global warming, one point that is sometimes overlooked is the historical cycles of global warming measured by scientists. While some of these old-earth "dog year" numbers don't reconcile with young-earth creation, they still suggest that the earth was warming and cooling far before humans. What caused this pre-human global warming? What was around back then that pumped greenhouse gas into the air and polluted the atmosphere?

How about plants?

Study: Emission of smog ingredients from trees is increasing rapidly

'No solution' found in more trees

Deforestation Caused Global Cooling (Original article removed; archived title remains)

Scientists find plants cause global warming (Original article removed, archived post on Free Republic)

Nature can help reduce greenhouse gas, but only to a point

Models show growing more forests in temperate regions could contribute to global warming

And as an afterthought, here's another solution for global warming: Nuclear war

**Update August 14, 2007**
Trees Won't Fix Global Warming (Archived)

**Update November 4, 2007**
New global warming villain fingered: Trees

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