Monday, January 01, 2007

Study: Less Acid Rain Not Always So Great - Study: Less Acid Rain Not Always So Great

Acid rainfall in the Appalachian Mountains has decreased in recent years and organisms in its streams are thriving. But the environmental comeback could be creating new problems of its own, scientists say.

Hey! Great! We cleaned up the water. No more acid rain.


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At January 2, 2007 at 9:42:00 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dave

I know this is off topic but I wish to call your and and lurkers attention to something.

Seems there is trouble a'brewin over at
King Prout and CG are butting heads and flinging poo at each other. Check the Other Site thread dedicated to Sir Francis.

It all started when KP declared that although he doesn't believe in the Might Makes Right coda, the prevailing powers that be DO after time get to set the standard for what is morally right and wrong. KP's morals are only the product of society's shaping hands. The US won and we declared Hitler and his actions repugnant and wrong. Had Hitler won, he would have been in the right. Or so says King Prout.

This agitated CG, who asked him if he saw a difference between Hitler's morals and George Washington's.

KP dodged and weaved the question and it went downhill from there.

The mutual accusations of ad hominems, non-sequiturs, false dichotomies and fallacies were flying!

Then they really started to get prickly downright nasty even!

KP accused CG of sinking to DLR debating tactics. Later he wonders if CG isn't as doggone near ignorant and ineducable as Running Wolf.

CG retorted by saying he never thought that KP was the same a Sir Francis but there it was.


Patrick Henry tried to step in and get the two to "play niiiiice" and his intervention did seem to calm things down.

In the end Ichneumon took KP to the woodshed and gave him a couple whacks and told him to sober up, sleep it off and to try and not be such an a-hole in the future.

I seem to remember the evos saying something about the creationists and fundamentalists turning on one another and eating their own; Right after the evo mass exodus in October. hmmmm

Now the last time this sort of thing happened was just around Pearl Harbor day on the Other Site Chat:Homeschooling Special Preach Your Children Well thread. Specifically page 4 of that thread.

Right Wing Professor belittled CG for the sin of being agnostic instead of a full blooded atheist. They then squabble about the definitions of atheism, agnosticism and theism.

This set CG into a major pout and prompted him to delete his most recent posts at the time. Even his Pearl Harbor Day remembrance pictures. People asked him where the pics went and what was going on. He has since restored his pics on the PH thread but many of his posts remain edited and deleted. Carolina Guitar Man stayed sulking and did't return until just before Christmas. Everyone was too polite to bring up his childish behavior or even remark upon his sudden return; complete with an avatar of a pheonix rising from the flames.

A little bird told me these things. In fact it was a parrot. You should've gotten a finch instead Ichy! hee hee

Keep up the good fight Dave. You are not the only one keeping an eye on the Darwinists.


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