Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Chuck Norris: Stick to cheesy martial arts shows

Chuck Norris to co-host on Hannity & Colmes

I saw this the other night. Chuck was/is a victim of his own reputation. He is an actor that expressed some conservative views and did kinda okay when Sean Hannity interviewed him. Suddenly, he's writing his own column for WorldNetDaily. Then, substituting for Hannity. He really needs more work and more practice if he wants to do that again, which I'm guessing he won't. He just wasn't good. He didn't even LOOK good, just his appearance, his suit, his hair, his beard, everything. The Hannity & Colmes spotlight did not flatter him. He babbled, grasped for words, stumbling, mumbling, and fumbling his views, which weren't articulated well from the get-go.

It's not really his fault. The only thing I fault him for is accepting the offer if he knew he wasn't up to it.

Quite frankly, the Walker, Texas Ranger shows that I've seen have been a little silly. Too much machismo, too much bravado, too much "yehaw, aren't we cool?" stuff. They are martial arts shows with a plot thrown in to make it seem intellectual. Typically, realistically, just one of Chuck Norris's famed roundhouse kicks would disable a criminal, probably breaking the jaw and or cheek bones. But naturally, Chuck has to deliver about 185 slow-motion, impossibly-poised, perfectly aimed, perfectly timed kicks with an accompanying whoosh before the bad guy falls down, and usually with little more than a token spot of blood on his face when he's yanked to his feet.

Not my cup of tea.

I have nothing against Chuck Norris, but the guy needs to recognize his own limits.



At January 31, 2007 at 2:06:00 PM PST, Blogger Dr. Ransom said...

Can we just not expect most actors to espouse either side of political views accurately or articulately? The conservatives are making the same mistake Liberals do when the latter group decides they're fine with letting Barbara Streisand be their agenda PR.

You may recall Rebecca St. James woefully botching her guest appearance on H&C. Eww.

So it's not only Liberals who should shut up and sing. In Chuck Norris's case, he should shut up and kick. And maybe we could keep his "novels" with three other coauthor-credited names off the shelves at Christian bookstores, too.


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