Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Butt-shots: Poetic justice for would-be robbers

Woman shoots carjacker in Two Notch Wal-Mart parking lot

Would-be robber shot in the rear end

A small sampling of the armed citizen stories covered across the web. I search for such stories, and frequently send the ones I find along to the Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog, the most current and comprehensive coverage of civilian gun defense.

You can also locate such stories in the National Rifle Association's archive.

I also post them on Free Republic for interested Freepers: Free Repulic Armed Citizens Archive. Not the most comprehensive, but every once in a while you'll find an exclusive story there, and by far the most colorful commentary on the topic. And another interesting factor thrown in, there have been four or five stories now where people will sign up on Free Republic and claim to be members of the bereaved family. They claim that there were circumstances unreported on the incident, voiding the claim of self-defense. Such claims are always pursued; I'll respond politely to the one making the claim, as well as checking other news accounts and even contacting local news reporters.

Without fail, all of the alleged family members disappear without a trace. Evidentally, their devotion to their lost family member(s) is not so strong that they can't stick around to face skepticism and prove their claims.

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