Friday, January 26, 2007

Bindi Irwin homeschooled

Interview With Terri And Bindi Irwin, Widow and Daughter of Late Steve Irwin

KING: Where does she go to school?

T. IRWIN: Home school. She tried preschool for a year and cried every day. So we stole the teacher and she's now home schooling right in the middle of the zoo. And it works well. Emma is with us now. Her teacher ...

KING: Does she have little friends?

T. IRWIN: She does. She has wonderful friends that she visits and plays with. And had a play date with one of her best friends just before coming over.

Notice also that the first thought triggered in Larry's mind is, socialization. Does she have friends. Since, after all, most homeschoolers are without friends!

KING: Do you like being homeschooled?

B. IRWIN: Yes. It's really, really nice because -- you get the feeling that you have a little bit more time with your teacher. Like me and my teacher, we're -- we're together, we really love each other. We're good friends, really good friends.

KING: But you still have friends, right?

B. IRWIN: Yes, I still have friends.

KING: What is your favorite subject?

B. IRWIN: Favorite subject, I would have to say creative writing.

KING: Doesn't surprise me.

B. IRWIN: Really? Thank you.

KING: Because you're a creative person...

B. IRWIN: Thank you very much.

KING: Is the least favorite math?

B. IRWIN: Pardon?

KING: Is the least favorite math?

Well, OK, yes, it is.

KING: I don't want to talk you into it. Maybe it ain't.

B. IRWIN: Yes, well, it is. It is. OK, it is.

Hammering the "does she have any friends" angle. This from the guy with six wives in his history, and a couple of gals that weren't his wives.

Incidentally, Larry had a brother that died at age six, named...Irwin.

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