Friday, November 17, 2006


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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Godless Christmas Songs

This Christmas Holiday season, in the interest of pleasing the rough (very rough) minority of atheists in the United States, I have gathered a list of God-lite or God-free songs about the holiday on which we celebrate the birth of you-know-Who.

These are safe songs. These are the new classics. These will guarantee a completely God-free Christmas Holiday season in your home, to sit back comfortably among your Christmas holiday decorations, your Christmas holiday tree and your Christmas holiday presents and enjoy the Christmas holiday.

  • Holly Jolly Christmas

  • Merry Christmas Darling

  • I'll be Home for Christmas

  • Sleigh Ride

  • The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)

  • Let It Snow

  • Winter Wonderland

  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Raindeer

  • Deck the Halls (more traditional, but still Godless. Love that line about gay apparel!)

  • Frosty the Snowman

  • It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

  • White Christmas (more traditional but still Godless)

  • Jingle Bells

  • Up on the Housetop

  • 12 Days of Christmas

  • O Christmas Tree (Warning: rare versions contain Christian verse)

  • Santa Claus is Coming to Town

  • Home for the Holidays

  • Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

  • Jingle Bell Rock

  • We Wish you a Merry Christmas

  • Feliz Navidad

  • Blue Christmas

  • The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  • Santa Baby

  • 12 Days of Christmas

  • Caroling Caroling

  • Silver Bells

  • Here Comes Santa Claus

  • I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

  • My Favorite Things (Not even a Christmas song)

  • Happy Holidays

  • Grown-up Christmas List (Purty, but no God in it!)

(Brought to you by Atheists Secularizing the Season.)

Perhaps you're wondering how I accumulated the list. That's an easy question. I just visited the play lists of the local radio stations that are already playing Christmas Holiday hits.

Perhaps you're wondering why I accumulated this list.

In all seriousness, I'm not criticizing the fact that some songs do not carry the latent meaning of the celebration of Christ's birth. A lot of these songs I like.

I'm criticizing the fact that these are the songs that are being selected more and more to be played during the Christmas holiday season. Aside from the occasional "Mary Did You Know?" (pandering to the "I was raised Catholic" crowd) and the occasional rare gem such as Josh Groban's "O Holy Night," the songs I have observed playing during the Christmas holiday season have been those listed above. Whether it be in malls, department stores, radio, TV, commercials, whatever, it's been the God-lite songs.

So to make a point, I've listed all the ones I can think of. During this Christmas season, see how many of them you recognize, and weigh them against the ones that relate more to that good old True Meaning of Christmas.

Also, if I've missed one or two, feel free to add on.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

2008 GOP Would-be Candidates On Abortion: Rudy Giuliani

With the upcoming elections in 2008 (yes, weep, tiny mortal, for the politics of the Presidential elections begin yesterday) one of the most crucial, defining issues a Christian conservative can examine the candidates by is abortion.

In my opinion, there are only a few front-runners, and we'll take them one by one.

Rudy may have been great on crime and helped clean up New York, and he may have become America's Mayor after 9/11, but he doesn't get my vote based on his pro-choice, pro-gay rights and pro-partial birth abortion stance.'s profile of Giuliani

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Monday, November 13, 2006

The cost of failure


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Home on the range

(Original photo slideshow has been removed)

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Karen Carpenter stalking incident #2

Done with classes for the day. Dark outside as I walk to my car. I pull out the keys, pull open the door, heave my backpack and laptop bag inside, and follow them in. Key in ignition. The radio comes on. I left it on the "soft rock" station. And what to my wondering ears should appear...

"I' hooooome...for Chriiiiiissssmaaaaas..." Karen sings soothingly.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I shout like a derranged maniac.

Karen Carpenter, serial stalker. Incident number 2, and it's only the 8th of November. Where will she turn up next?

It's going to be a long two months.


Run Like Wimps, Lose Like Men

Okay, so we lost. Republicans lost the House, maybe the Senate.

Buck up. Suck it up, admit defeat, shake hands with the winners, and get over it. Don't let yourself get into a snit about it. Don't give the liberals ammunition to mock you. They draw strength from your defeat.

The tendency after any loss is to place blame. It's one way we have of maintaining some measure of control over our situation; knowing and identifying the problem not only helps us avoid it in the future, but it gives us control and security. (I believe this is why global warming alarmists, and leftists in general always seek to place blame, but I digress.)

I'll admit, I was unrealistically optimistic. I thought that, despite all the shortcomings, Republicans would narrowly keep both House and Senate.

But yes, I'm going to place blame. It doesn't help; no matter who should have done what, this race is over. But we had better learn from our errors for the next race, or we'll merely repeat it. And we've made some humdingers.

The biggest mistake was in failing to wage the public relations war over Iraq. On this, I exclude few from being held responsible.

The media spun the Iraq war day in, day out. CodePink traitors and anti-war protestors splayed across our TV screens, and the "Bush lied" mantra broadcast to millions, no thanks to your mainstream media dinosaurs.

In short, the Iraq war cost us the House.

Don't get me wrong. The Iraq war was right. Our cause was right, our reasons were right, our decision was right.

What was WRONG was our response to critics. We had none.

For this I blame everyone. All the officials, anyway. Bloggers can only go so far. The House and Senate leaders failed to combat the lies. Bush, Rove, Frist, Hastert, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Snow, Mehlman, all failed to fight the lies. Hannity tried, but was too eager to jump on anything coming out of Iraq. Even Rush didn't demolish the lies like he could have.

The Democrats took up the Iraq war and made it their platform, their hill to die on. With the unprecented negativity in the media, the daily humdrum of anti-war sentiment, and little to no response from the Republicans, we let them win much of the public while we waged a war. We lost when we lost the Iraq PR war.

When the leftists bellowed that we needed more allies, we didn't respond. (Even though we had the aid and support of 30+ countries in the beginning.)

When they said we should give Hussein more time, we broadcast but didn't drive home the fact that Saddam defied 17 resolutions to disarm.

When protestors said this was an illegal war, we did not respond that we were acting out of National, as well as International interest, legally permissible under Resolutions 1441, and 660, which authorized the Gulf War.

When critics began the "Bush Lied" tirade after finding few weapons of mass destruction, hacking endlessly at the solid tree trunk of President Bush, we either ignored, waved away, or agreed with the leftists' assertions. All while they continued to hack, chip and chop.

When Democrats insisted that Saddam was not a threat, no one but bloggers aggressively attacked this flip-flopping lie. Few officials called Democrats on their own words.

Bush received approval bounces of four and five percent when he went on primetime TV and defended the war. How many times has he done that? Four or five. All while the media continued the flood of negativity. 24/7/365 coverage times four networks all bashing the war and broadcasting negative images, and yet I can count on my hand the times he hit back. Bush failed to wage the PR war. Admitting no WMD's and conceding intelligence failures was, is and remains Bush's worst error.

It's their own fault. It's our own collective fault. I have to accept blame just like the rest of Republicans, although in my own small way, I was trying to combat the myths.

Now we're not going to get down in the dumps about this. People I know, and -- judging from responses I observe -- Freepers, are becoming depressed. And I agree, this does not bode well for the country.

But while we ran like wimps, we must lose like men. Suck it up. Shake it off. Buck up. GET OVER IT. We will not become depressed, we're not going to invent conditions like Post-Election Selection Trauma, and we can't start whining, or join a cut-and-run movement.

We must learn our lessons, and plunge ahead. But we MUST LEARN OUR LESSONS.

And make dang sure we get a better head start on grooming our 2008 candidates, primarily our presidential candidate. Democrats will be using their 2006 momentum, their willing media compatriots, and ongoing media-perpetrated negativity to make a go at the White House.

Their ranks are forming and strengthening.

The time to prepare begins NOW.

Don't blow it.



The other day I was helping my mother shop for bulk items at Sam's Club. A big family often benefits from bulk shopping. And you get funny looks at regular markets when you have several of one item in your cart.

So we're in the toilet tissue area. And we're trying to watch prices, and trying to remember which toilet tissue we normally get. From over my shoulder, another shopper pointed to one brand and remarked that it was his favorite.

I supressed the urge to ask specifics for what about the tissue made him prefer it over another.


Christmas Kicking Off Early?

As a man of many tastes, I flip through most of a dozen radio stations while driving home, or before going to sleep. I have three country stations, two pop ("soft rock") stations that occasionally have some good songs, plus two Christian stations and four talk stations.

So my question is, what's with the early Christmas? Seems to me it is coming earlier each year. For example, Delilah is already playing Christmas songs.

It's become a running gag in the past few years that Karen Carpenter stalks me, because the popularity of "Merry Christmas, Darling" and other timeless seasonal hits merit repeated airings on stations. And Monday, November 6, at about 8:15 in the evening, Delilah cued Karen, and I begin screaming in horror.

Following her was Burl Ives, at which I regretfully switched stations. Look, people, it's just too soon. As I type, it's 54 degrees outside. It has to get cold and wintery first before we kick in the Christmas music.

I can't wait for the Christmas season to start either. Since acquiring free music downloads, I downloaded a couple of new, awesome yet obscure Christmas songs that I can't wait to break in, but not until Thanksgiving, or the day after. That's when it officially begins. Not until.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Update: Mr. T a believer?

Words of Wisdom from Mr. T

If I’m a true follower of my lord and savior Jesus Christ, I got to do the things you’re supposed to be doing. You just can’t say, "I believe in Jesus" and then don’t forgive somebody [or] hold a grudge against somebody. Don’t get me wrong--if somebody jumps me I’m gonna fight, but I don't send out hate vibes if I don’t like that person or the way that they dress. That’s negative energy. Then there is a contradiction to the God I serve, the God of love. He forgave me, and I should do good to the people who cross me.

"I'm not the same man I used to be." - Mr. T

There's something comforting about knowing you have Mr. T on your side if you have to fight militant atheists or islamists.

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Friday, November 03, 2006

Now THAT'S what I call torture!

Gitmo Diet Making Prisoners Fat

It was only thanks to a recent Opus cartoon, I was made aware of this news item. I don't know how I missed it before now.

Did I miss where liberal leftists spun it as "forcing obesity, with all its sundry health risks, on these homegrown freedom fighters?"

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Welcome to the Republicans' November Surprise

U.S. Web Archive Is Said to Reveal a Nuclear Guide

Why the Bush administration has chosen not to concentrate efforts on translating these. This would mend the Iraq war support and image like nothing else.

Freeper JVeritas has translated a great many of these documents to prove a conclusive trail of evidence convicting Saddam Hussein of violating United Nations resolutions and justify the Iraq invasion.

Naturally, the New York Times has ignored this site until it found something negative to accuse the Bush administration of. In this case, of aiding Iran's nuclear program.

This will not change the polls of support or opposition to the war. Despite the fact that "magic bullet" solutions like this have been trickling out from places like Free Republic, and despite the fact that this news item itself is a magic bullet to justify the Iraq invasion, the media will supress these reports and/or downplay them.

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