Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Shut up and pump

Global Warming Gag Order - Senators to Exxon: Shut up, and pay up

Climate change denial has been so effective because the "denial community" has mischaracterized the necessarily guarded language of serious scientific dialogue as vagueness and uncertainty. Mainstream media outlets, attacked for being biased, help lend credence to skeptics' views, regardless of their scientific integrity, by giving them relatively equal standing with legitimate scientists.

It's that darn media again, covering both sides! (I keep track of global warming stories, and I can tell you just as anyone else keeping track, that stories carrying a persuasion of manmade global warming far, far outnumber any "denier" stories.)

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At December 12, 2006 at 11:06:00 PM PST, Anonymous WKB said...

It's hard to imagine a more immature, pathetic FReeper than Darth Sidious, but I fear that his crown has been captured. What else can you say about a FReaker who...

- Is 21 years old, and thinks that posting on FR is the coolest thing?

- Has his mother log on to defend him when he gets flamed?

- Maintains, on his home page, a long, exhaustive listing of nearly every insult he's gotten at multiple forums?

- Nurtures a superiority complex at the same time he's running a martyr complex?

- Was talk radio?

- Writes online reviews at Amazon...for the Muppet Pirate Movie?

- Gets hives over "dirty words"...such as "Hell"?

- Posts a vanity thread asking for prayers...against his professor?

- Sees himself as "fighting Evil", by posting on the Internet?

- Claims he can't join the military...because his mom would kill him?

- Thinks himself qualified to lecture and insult PHD'd scientists and Professors, in their own subjects? While a college sophomore? Who is NOT in a science field?

At December 12, 2006 at 11:32:00 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Davey, you are such an arch-conservative and war supporter who also likes guns and weapons. You are of the perfect age, and seemingly in good health.

So it's fair to ask, as your professor did when you got in her face, why are you not putting your money where your mouth is??

And I think we all know the answer don't we little boy? God hates a coward Davey. period. No matter how much that coward loves and obeys his mommy and no matter how many lies he tells in support of young earth. God hates a coward, Dave.

At December 13, 2006 at 8:36:00 AM PST, Blogger Dave said...

Can't you feel the love?

- I am not 21 years old. Posting on Free Republic is cool (mostly, communicating with over a thousand different Freepers on the various ping lists) but not the coolest.

- My mother is a free human being who does what she will. I do not put her up to anything.

- I was homeschooled in traditional education, with talk radio being a recreational hobby.

- My reviews are my own hobby, and not relevant to this blog.

- The comment about not joining the military was tongue-in-cheek.

Thank you for your concern.


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