Thursday, December 21, 2006

Make a liar out of me, why don't you?

So the precious few visitors to this site (not counting all the trolls with nothing better to do) are probably wondering what was up with the "Karen Carpenter stalking" entry from several weeks back. Let me explain.

Last year, it seemed that every time I popped on the radio station(s) for some Christmas cheer, it was the Carpenters. "Merry Christmas, Darling" in particular. I began the running gag that the ghost of Karen Carpenter was stalking me. (It was a rather thin ghost...)

Even in restaurants or businesses, I'd hear her over the radio.

Well, she's made a liar out of me this year. Either that, or she's gone on to haunt somebody else. There's been a well-proportioned number of times that I've heard her on the radio, and that suits me fine.

Of course, the number of godless "winter" songs has been about 95% of the featured music on the stations, but that's another story...

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