Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Heaping sympathy on the enemy

Christmas Greetings From Guantanamo

Last year alone, Guantanamo detainees received more than 14,000 cards, the vast majority from muddle-headed well-wishers and sympathizers. This year local authorities estimate the number may exceed 16,000! Some are addressed to the detainees by name or by their detainee number, available on the Pentagon website. Most are simply addressed to “Any Detainee at Guantanamo.”

Like the other 40,000 or so pieces of detainee mail that transit the post office on the base, the cards are distributed into the cells. The cards are passed out to the detainees by troopers who may themselves not have received any sort of greeting from home in a long time. Some of the troops here are wary about the way they are perceived by their friends and families at home. One officer said that “nobody in my family was in the military. None of my friends have the slightest clue of what we do here. They think I’m some kind of brutal jailor or something.”

What kind of mind-numbed traitor ignores the men and women that keep them safe to send well wishes to the enemy? One begins to wonder if illegal aliens are not the only ones that need to be deported.

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At December 27, 2006 at 11:14:00 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never thought about people sending them letters before, but I guess I am not too surprised.

Serial killers and other famous murderers such as the Menendez Bros. get lots of fan mail and even marriage proposals.

Send'em a letter that's been rubbed on a pig!


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