Sunday, December 03, 2006

Doing my part to enrage the heathen left

It all began when some unknown Freeper sent me a link. I check out the link to find -- surprise! -- more random atheists are bashing me. The intensity of the hatred is at once both amusing and disturbing. Some claim to be Christian homeschoolers, but I have a hard time buying that any Christian lives a life of hate.

I enjoy taking clippings of the hatred and fury I receive for standing on conservative, Christian principles, and posting them on my profile at Free Republic. This has been branded as keeping a record of wrongs by some. This assumes I return to the clippings to revive anger, and that would be factually incorrect.

And when this page first started, I thought I had a chance at a couple more snippets of Dave hate to clip and put on the scrapbook. I was more than a little surprised to see my anti-fan base was stronger than I'd known. A tiny little "I don't like him" thread blossomed into a 12-page, 5,300+ clicks cesspool of anti-intellectual mocking, scorn and ridicule. In short, an inflation of hatred beyond the confines of a few clippings.

Walking into the midst of a motley crew like that can be an interesting experience, and it was my intention until I read enough to know that was what they wanted. The Freeper that invited me was a rarely-appearing one, and that plus the content of his messages was suspicious enough for me to mention it to the mods, who promptly revoked the account.

Instead of appearing on the thread, I knew from the thread that these Dave-haters (evidently, they have a lot of time and energy to devote to their paranoid soirees) were closely monitoring my FR posts and "commenting" on the content, so I posted the following to a Free Republic Armed Citizen thread, including the members of the creationist ping list for their enjoyment and good humor.

To those that spend four pages of your forum hunting down everything about me on the internet from YouTube videos to wish list items and reviews, those who pick apart my words from the comfort of their own forum, to those who have nothing better to do than haunt my forum comments, to all you sycophantic parasites who must crush others in your own mind, rather than concentrate on bettering yourselves:

Your obsession and your fear amuse me. It is clear you think I will become a leader some day, and so you feel it best to preemtively chip away at my reputation. Don't flatter yourselves into thinking you have that kind of power. I take your hatred as a great compliment, and as affirmation that I'm doing something right, indeed many things.

And while you gnash your teeth at the screen, while you let your hatred grate on your bones and counsume your life, DO keep in mind; I already have some of your IP addresses.

This naturally raised a squealing of protests, insisting that I was threatening them.

They also seem to have an infatuation with calling me a momma's boy, insisting that "Most boys should hate their mothers at that age." And this simply because my own mother chose to visit a Free Republic thread and speak some words in my defense. (Also a years-old quip from an old forum where I said I couldn't join the military because my mother would kill me. Where they got that, I have no idea, which leads me to suspect either old adversaries are resurfacing, or these people really have way too much time on their hands.)

Having also located this blog, they proceeded to taunt my YouTube posting where I demonstrate twirling with a quarterstaff. This led to all sorts of jokes about sticks, poles, wands and "batons," an inaccurate name they latched on to because it sounded the most ridiculous.

They also browsed my reviews and Wish List, and scoured the internet for other traces of me, including perusing old posts at Free Republic.

And of course, these people ("homeschooling Christian" people?) are obsessed about sex. When I mentioned batons are for cheerleaders, and "carrying girls in skimpy outfits around on some basketball court somewhere is not exactly appealing to me" they immediately launched into chortling that I must be homosexual. What an interesting assumption; either a man is fast and loose with women, or he is gay. Clear signs that this culture has forgotten any semblance of honor or dignity.

Another Freeper asked me why I "kept bringing it up" and why I mentioned having IP addresses.

I responded as follows:
I guess to some extent, I legitimize their twaddle by stooping to acknowledge it. But perhaps I swing to the opposite extreme of President Bush/the White House, which lost the election because they permitted too much criticism to go unanswered. (Like the "Bush lied, there was no WMD" argument, for example.) I judge a lot of people, politicians mostly, by how they react and respond to critics.

Pretty much the only reason I shared the thread is to let others laugh at them along with me, and to shake our collective heads in amazement at the bafflingly intense hatred leveled at little old me. They insist that I'm a childish momma's boy, yet they consider me more of a threat (saying they are out to prove I'm no Christian leader, and worrying I'll run for president) than I do. Which is good to know, actually.

Why waste so much time and energy digging up everything you can find if it's some worthless, petty momma's boy? If someone goes out of their way to get in your face and insist you are worthless, after a while you're going to suspect that at least one person doesn't think so....the one that is exuding so much effort to tell you so.

Letting them know I have IP addresses (different from ISP) lets them know they're not completely anonymous. In the world of the internet, anonymity can give confidence to buffoons like these to spout off things they would never say in person. Stripping away some of that anonymity can sober people up a little. Now, they view that as a threat. Absurd, since I'm not the one that started a thread to attack them. Fancy technique, isn't it, to begin slandering someone on the internet, and when that person lets you know they're not completely faceless, pretend it's a veiled threat. And anyway, what do they think I'm going to do, come calling with my "baton"?

And no doubt, this longer-than-desired explanation on the blog will redouble their belief that they have the capability to effect or alter my behavior, or at least get under my skin. If that's how they get their pleasures, then they lead very, very empty lives.

The most interesting part comes where the accusations of pornographic bestiality websites begins. My comment about IP addresses startled them into searching for how I could have that information, which quickly led them to my profile. As evidenced by this chart, the hits had by then taken quite a spike:

One of the geniuses clicked on the "Referers" page of my hit-counter, and discovered referers from pages like "big asian gays" and "animal sex" and all kinds of other profane, crappy sites. This immediately led to allegations of pornography. I was befuddled by the stats on the page. Fortunately, my keen investigative eye quickly spotted the caption written in plain, easy-to-read text at the top of the page.
"The referer, or HTTP referer, signifies the webpage which linked to a new page on the Internet. By checking the referer, the new page can see where the request came from. Referer logging is used to allow websites and web servers to identify where people are visiting them from, for promotional or security purposes.


When visiting a webpage, the referer or referring page is the URL of the previous webpage from which a link was followed. More generally, a referer is the URL of a previous item which led to this request."

In other words, porn spiderbots imbedded the site's URL in their page. (Either that, or perverts from weird sites just happened to type in the URL to my page, and thought they'd take a break from lewd pages to read about me. I suspect the former.)

I cannot explain this any more than I can explain why my user name once turned up in a French website that was selling printer ink. It's the internet. What can I say.

I don't have much to say in conclusion. All I can say is...some people simply have way, waaaaay too much time on their hands.



At December 13, 2006 at 3:40:00 PM PST, Blogger Fare said...

Wow. Just wow. What a self-important, pompous jerk. Here are a few corrections, for the record:

a) I'm not, and never have been, a "freeper". I occasionally assume a new IP, email address, and nick to troll over at FR--e.g. the Inc0mmunicad0 persona you took such delight in having banned--but if you had looked more closely while you were fearlessly lurking at CP, you might have noticed my tag as a "Token Liberal". Liberals, by definition, are not "freepers", thank the Goddess.

b) I am not, and never have been, a male. You apparently read my remarks at CP; perhaps you do not know the meaning of the word "dyke"? It means lesbian, Dave, and that means female, a female who is oriented toward other females, and in my case, a butch female married for 12 years to the same wonderful woman.

c) Nobody at CP is "enraged" by you or feels "hate" toward you. We find you mildly amusing, and more than a little sad. (We are also somewhat aghast at the all-encompassing nature of your narcissism, as manifested in your penchant for spouting ignorant nonsense to your betters in their areas of expertise.

d) When you start blathering that people should remember you have their IP addresses, you should understand that the only sensible way to interpret such a comment is as a threat. No amount of passive-aggressive backpedaling will cover that up for you. And here's a word to the not-so-wise, little boy--you really don't want to be threatening me. I suspect some other Posse members might be dangerous to run afoul of, as well; but I will leave them to speak for themselves.

One last word, then I'll leave you to your baton-twirling. You should come visit us at CP. For real. Our guest speaker program was tailor-made for someone like you. You've whined/bragged all over FReakTown about DC banning you. Why not come see how patient our admins can be? You have nothing to fear but queer, er, fear itself ...


At December 13, 2006 at 5:38:00 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, It is not showing up.

At December 15, 2006 at 7:48:00 AM PST, Blogger Fare said...

DaveBatonBoy, I'm so disappointed! You've neither published my comment nor responded to it in any way; neither have you accepted our invitation to the guest speaker program. You're leaving us no choice but to believe you really are a coward. Pity.



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