Thursday, December 21, 2006

Discovering the magic of X-Ray Dog

(Push the Play button to preview X-Ray Dog's "Dark River")

I've discovered the fantastic sounds of X-Ray Dog, a group that devotes itself almost entirely to composing short but splendorus musical cues for movie previews.

Click there and take a listen to some of their demos. I found one of their compositions while searching for the musical score that played under the Chronicles of Narnia trailer. I located the track cue title ("Here Comes the King") thanks to's trailers page and found other tracks available online, all of them awesome.

Some movies have good music. Most movies have at least one or two really great cues. (Secondhand Lions has a really cool, sweeping musical cue, heard in Track 14, but it dies out quickly. And Nanny McPhee's soundtrack had an awesome ending sequence, with a score to match, especially track 21, "Snow in August".)

But these tracks are just bright spots in the whole soundtrack.

X-Ray Dog seems to specialize only in creating those bright spot-sized tracks. They make good use of choir, although sometimes it is hard to tell if the choir is synthesized or real. The tracks are at once heroic, sweeping, grandiose, majestic and haunting, as you can hear with the track above.

Sadly, although I have found traces of CD's made available elsewhere, X-Ray Dog does not market their music to the public. Evidentally, they are content making buckets of money off of every movie that needs a fantastic original score to match the movie preview. And they do a bang-up job of it. I just wish the group would have pity on the members of their audience with such good taste as to fall in love with their music.

(Push the Play button to hear X-Ray Dog's "Here Comes the King")

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