Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Texas Tea Springs Eternal

Saudi: Just 18 Pct. of World Oil Tapped

If this guy knows his stuff (and as every conspiracy theorist will tell you, the Saudis know oil) then there is enough oil to power this country for another 140 years. I don't know if he accounts for inflation, but let's halve that for moderation. (China, India and Pakistan are slurping more oil as they expand.)

So let's say we've got enough oil for 70 more years. Does anyone truly think that in a world of technological ingenuity, somebody will NOT come up with a cheaper way to produce natural fuels, or discover cold fusion, or something? Tell any group of scientists that they've got 70 years to develop an oil alternative, and they'll probably tell you they only need ten.

So no need to panic about oil supplies running out. As with most media-perpetuated alarms, brush this one off and don't sweat it. Have some tea.



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