Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Feeling low, and couldn't be happier

Nation's Crime Rate Hits 32-Year Low

If you'll remember, last year at about this time, it was a 30-year low. We've gone even lower.

(Flashback to 9/2005: U.S. crime rate holds at 30-year low)

Unemployment is low too: Bureau of Labor and Statistics Monthly Unemployment Numbers for August 2006.

Murder Rates are also lower: Murder Rate Hits 40-Year Low

And, Abortion rates are lower.

We're hitting a lot of lows these days, and they're all good. Of course, good news is no news at all. Good news goes under-reported. And of course, no one will think to blame Bush.

By the way, given that homicide is any death by a gun, one must wonder if these gun victimizations that are jacking up the numbers include stories of civilian self defense.

For example, does Kennya Johnson's use of a firearm count in those numbers?

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