Monday, September 11, 2006

Engaging 9/11/06

I'll admit, although I personally lost no one in the attacks on September 11, the anniversary still hits me hard this year. I don't help myself much. I listen to sad music from films like Batman Begins or The Lord of the Rings. I found a great website that plays the touching music from the film We Were Soldiers. (You can listen to the tune here and download the mp3 version here.)

I wanted to create this blog because my normal dig, Free Republic, has hundreds and thousands of people all wanting to express their personal opinion, and since I've toyed with the idea of having a blog of my own anyway, I thought there was no better day to launch it than today.

I was/am a member of the blog/website (and by the way, go take a look there, that's my brother's site) but I like the idea of having my own personal blog anyway.

The very few visitors who come here will find I am interested in news and politics. I give a brief bio of myself at my Free Republic profile, which is located here. I don't know how often I'll post. I post news articles quite frequently on Free Republic. So we'll see where my interests truly lie. Expect a lot of

I'm surprised you're reading this blog, much less that you've read this far. Welcome to the blog, stranger. Can't promise that there will be a lot to hold your interest, when video, audio, pictures, more compelling websites, and far more interesting blogs than mine are calling you. Whoever you are, glad you stopped by for a minute, and I hope I can see you more in the future.


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